[HOT] Highway Tag Africa again

Michael Heissmeier michael63 at digital-filestore.de
Wed Jul 9 19:11:33 UTC 2014


Alexander W. Janssen wrote on 09.07.2014 10:33:> Hi,
 > I suggest that if we're not sure if a road is unclassified or already
 > tertiary, we name it unclassified and promote it to tertiary as soon
 > as all the surrounding areas are complete;

A common mistake made by contributors is to tag such highways as tracks or even 
paths. If we have at least unclassified road there it will be seen clearly on 
most maps and can be reviewed later. So this is what I correct when validating a 
tile of a task.

 > if you're working on a
 > single area you can't really tell if this road leads only to other
 > villages - ending up nowhere, eventually - or if it's part of a bigger
 > network. As soon as all the areas are mapped someone can have a look
 > at the big picture and reclassify if necessary.

This is what is termed as "stage 2 validation", see 
to be performed later

It is applicable to rural areas as well and should deal with "network-like" 
issues on a larger scale such as highways, landuse or waterways.

 > That would also take away a lot of pressure from the reviewers during
 > the first verification process and if I listened correctly there will
 > be another round - when new imagery is available - anyway.

It is not only about pressure. If you change features spreading over several 
tiles in order to get the big picture right while contributors are still working 
on the task chances are that you generate conflicts. And conflict resolution 
might be cumbersome at least for less experienced persons.


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