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Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Fri Jul 11 13:40:59 UTC 2014

Hi Ben,

There is a lot to think about with regards to these issues. OpenStreetMap
is trademarked, by the OpenStreetMap Foundation there are just very liberal
guidelines for the use of the trademark. The example most often given is if
someone made a paid mobile app they could not make it look like it was the
"official OpenStreetMap" app.

For HOT with having a formal organization there are liability issues to
think about when people are using the HOT brand. What is interesting to
think about on the other side of this is the liability issues to
individuals being outside of "HOT Inc". The Wilson Center recently released
a report on the liability of digital volunteers which might be interesting
to some(1).




On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Ben Abelshausen <ben.abelshausen at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I have always assumed this list to be for people using OSM in a
> humanitarian context and not that much as a something that is HOT Inc.
> There are many things happening with OSM in the 'humanitarian' space that
> are in no way HOT Inc-related and as interest in this area is growing this
> will happen more and more.
> I think the part of the HOT larger community that is not related to HOT as
> an organization still needs a place to discuss, ask questions and
> collaborate about OSM in the 'humanitarian' space.
> If the HOT board controls the decision making process about this list
> (and potential other hot-lists or issues related to this larger community)
> these community members have no say anymore other than becoming a member of
> HOT itself.
> Non-HOT-Inc members should not be treated like second class citizens on
> this list or anywhere else.
> Cheers,
> Ben
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