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Mon Jul 14 17:21:30 UTC 2014

Hi Severin,

To answer some of your questions..

- The TM jobs should be set up later this week
- They will cover the bulk of the country. The center of Lesotho is mostly
mountainous so there will likely be very few settlements to be mapped, but
there will be rivers, streams & roads. The rivers & streams are important
due to flooding / drought risks that exist in Lesotho.
- Its possible I will create relations to set up the TM jobs, have to see
what works best (relations or manual) as the rural task will be large, but
there will be several urban areas (under the second TM job) that may
intersect. To give you an idea, I've been playing with uMap to put a rough
outline together of where we want to map

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been reaching out to many, many individuals
and groups.
- Every regional OSM mailing list recieved an email asking for support.
There have been responses but mostly single mappers saying they will join
in on the 25th. In addition, we started with 3 groups hosting mapathons
(Ireland, Lesotho & Germany) and in recent days we have added 3 more, one
in Poland, another in the US and most importantly, a 2nd event in Lesotho
itself on the opposite side of the country

- Some diary posts outlining the event / plans etc

- Identified and contacted over 20 NGO's involved in working in Lesotho in
some capacity, some (MSF) have come back saying they will host their own
mapathon, some others (Help Lesotho) are looking for guidance so I've tried
steering them to local mappers

- There are 3 of us spamming twitter on a daily basis which has resulted in
the numbers growing for the Irish event especially

- Reached out to open data groups, and one prominent member of that
community, Jason Hare, is organising his own event and has promised to
start tweeting to his followers to get started on their own event -
@jasonmhare. the Irish open data community have also been communicating
about the event for us.

- I've spoken with Derrick Rethans and he has agreed to make one of his
awesome videos for us. This will be VERY important when Irish OSM members
(Fingal Council staff) travel to Lesotho again next year as it will be
used, along with other evidence, to show the power of what OSM can do to
officials and locals alike

- We've had contact from a consultancy firm here in Ireland which is
involved with the Highland Development Agency in Lesotho. They have a lot
of data on the highland areas, and are currently investigating inhouse to
see if the data can be released to us (we will do our own due diligence on
the data if given the approval). Its likely we will pull them into the
mapathon event in Dublin also

I'm sure I am forgetting things, but that should give you an idea of where
we are at the moment. We're also starting to see a bump in the numbers
currently mapping Lesotho based on the publicity though I'm aware this will
die down once the 25th comes and goes.

One area where we want to gain more traction is with the larger regional
OSM groups e.g. Germany, France, Italy, USA, Russia etc etc, so if anyone
here are members of those communities I would ask you to publicise this
event to your local members. We are currently estimating just short of 100
people will be mapping on the day. The target, however optimistic, is to
push that figure to 250.

Lastly, does anyone know who I would talk to about getting tweets sent from
the @openstreetmap account. It would be of benefit to be able to reach out
to its 25,000 followers


OSM - DaCor
Tiwtter - @dacor_ie

On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 2:16 PM, Severin Menard <severin.menard at gmail.com>

> Hi Dave,
> Please keep up updated especially when the TM jobs are ready. Will they
> really cover the whole country? They will be relation-based TM jobs?
> Apart the worlwide, online community, is there any other specific group or
> universities that would be interested to participate to such a Mapathon?
> Sincerely,
> Severin
> On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 5:13 PM, Dave Corley <davecorley at gmail.com> wrote:
>> First off, apologies for cross posting, trying to spread the word to as
>> large an audience as possible.
>> tl;dr, a group of Irish OpenStreetMap members are organising a mapathon
>> on 25th July to map large sections of Lesotho and we are looking for
>> individuals or groups to participate from around the world. Presently we
>> have 3 groups participating from Lesotho, Ireland, & Germany.
>> We will be using the HOT tasking manager to coordinate 2 large tasks
>> - Rural - identify and map the outline of settlements, the major routes
>> to and from these settlements and any major features (rivers, lakes etc)
>> - Urban - Trace building outlines and complete road networks
>> A bit of background....
>> In conjunction with Action Ireland Trust [1], a number of Irish OSM
>> members from Fingal County Council [2] traveled to Lesotho for a number of
>> weeks in 2013 and then again early in 2014 to assist and train district
>> planners in utilising OSM data. This was done in agreement with the
>> Ministry for Local Government and Chieftainship and the Chief Physical
>> Planner of Lesotho. The trip culminated in an historic memorandum of
>> understanding between Lesotho and Fingal County Council [3]
>> Another group are planning to travel in early 2015 with the following
>> objectives as part of their visit:
>> - Create an OSM community in Lesotho by engaging with local communities
>> and providing training and guidance on surveying and updating OSM
>> - Create a basemap of the country for use by all
>> - Create an evidence base for decision makers
>> - Create an awakeness of Urban Design
>> Further details can be found on the wiki page [4]
>> Thanks,
>> Dave (DaCor)
>> [1] - http://actionirelandtrust.ie/
>> [2] - http://www.fingalcoco.ie/
>> [3] -
>> http://www.corr.ie/blog/4567078398/Fingal-County-Council-sign-historic-agreement-with-Lesotho-Government/7628289
>> [4] - http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Lesotho_Mapathon
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