[HOT] https for hotosm.org?

Dražen Odobašić dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr
Tue Jul 15 15:53:57 UTC 2014

Yeah, hi...

We started discussing ssl options at the last tech wg meeting. There are more details in the wiki, for example globalsign offers free ssl certificates for open source projects...

If someone wants to check what other options are available, please do :)


On July 15, 2014 5:47:08 PM CEST, Rafael Avila Coya <ravilacoya at gmail.com> wrote:
>Nor me.
>On 15/07/14 17:42, Katie Filbert wrote:
>> Is it just me or does hotosm.org <http://hotosm.org> (and
>> hot.openstreetmap.org <http://hot.openstreetmap.org>) not support
>> https://tasks.hotosm.org/
>> when trying to access via https, it doesn't work for me.
>> If we don't have this yet, then although there is some expense, it
>> be well worth it imho although not sure about how to go about setting
>> up / fixing since I don't have the right access.
>> Cheers,
>> Katie
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