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Yes, feel free to use whatever imagery is available.  Sometimes there
are small overlaps with Bing that we either don't know about ourselves
or we just don't mention because there is not much there.

For non-square buildings you can select a bunch (make sure you get
just the ways, not the nodes as well) in josm and press 'q' to
orthogonalise them.  If they don't look like they match the imagery at
all, you can try shifting the imagery to line it up as they may just
have been traced from differently aligned imagery (check the roads in
the surrounding area to see if there is a consistent shift).

- -AndrewBuck

On 07/16/2014 03:50 AM, AYTOUN RALPH wrote:
> In Vol 53 Issue 35 I see mentioned that you want to close down the
> eastern part of Task 568 because there is no imagery.
> I looked at one of the eastern tiles, the top left hand corner, one
> tile down (the one below Masundu). I could not get any imagery from
> the Mapbox that was mentioned in the Task Manager and saw that the
> tile had been marked red as complete. I looked at the Bing imagery
> for that tile and found Highway=tracks and paths and also
> buildings. If you want I could go back to that task and add the
> detail that I have seen on Bing (if that is acceptable) and then
> validate the tiles. I was not looking at the suggested imagery so,
> rather than do something wrong I decided to leave it for someone
> else to validate or correct. I cannot always access the imagery
> requested in the Task Manager and when this happens I just do not
> work on that task as there are plenty of others to do. More recent
> tasks have had a link to the requested imagery that works very well
> and I have been able to work on those tiles without any
> difficulty. Thank you whoever for that improvement. I have also
> noticed that some mappers have been creating buildings with random
> shapes not using the squaring or rounding tools available
> (something I was guilty of when I first started). On a number of
> tiles I have had to delete all the buildings and redraw them as
> they bore no resemblance to the buildings on the imagery.
> Fortunately this is not happening too often. Happy Mapping Ralph
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