[HOT] Ebola Outbreak Activation

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Hi Russell,

There are some jobs even if not completed are less a priority. All the jobs in Sierra Leone are presently a priority.

In the tasking manager, sorting by priority, they will appear at the beginning of the list with other priority tasks from other Activations like south Sudan and CAR.

In the wiki, High priority should be removed from the Mamou job.


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Pierre and all, until we can fix/change that in the tasking manager I went over the mapping priority on the wiki[1].  I think it now reflects all the jobs for the Ebola Activation, but would not hurt to have you or Andy verify.  Also maybe we should ‘flip’ the list so it shows the most recent up top? 
[1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2014_West_Africa_Ebola_Response#Mapping_Priority 

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I just received an informion that follwing the migration this week to the new Task Manager V2, we cannot anymore list  all the Task manager jobs for a project like we did before . Then the link below will simply list all jobs. We will then take care to have the Ebola Tasks at the top of the list.


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Hi Rafael
the last job created is http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/587
The link below gives all the featured jobs for Ebola and it seems it is still working with the version 2 of the Task Manager.


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Hi, Pierre:

Can you give the link of the job Andrew created?



On 17/07/14 15:18, Pierre Béland wrote:
> MSF said yesterday that the time is counted to contro this Ebola
> epidemy who is spreading in various areas. The CartONG GIS officer
> that makes the link with MSF has indicated that the operational
> priority for now is to focus on tracing roads and identify villages
> names.
> We received new imagery from the MapGive project of the HIU Unit of
> the US State Dept that covers the area from Kenema to north of
> Koidu. Andrew created a new Task Manager job to cover this area.
> In this job, instructions are to trace only roads and residential
> areas outbounds. A second job will later take care of tracing
> buildings.
> It is important for HOT to have the capacity to adapt to the 
> humanitarian needs and respond rapidly. Please join in to trace.
> The Task manager is thought to facilitate collaboration, this even
> if you only have one hour to share. If you do not have time to
> complete the task, just unlock it with a note saying this task is
> to be completed. Then others will complete.
> Thanks to all.
> Pierre

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