[HOT] OSM Mapathon (Chad/CAR border) at the Free Software Day (JLL) N'Djamena 9/10 May

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Thu May 8 18:10:24 UTC 2014

Hi all,

The Free Software Association (ADIL - Association pour le Développement de
l'Informatique Libre au Tchad), a partner of HOT in Chad and of one of the
organization most active in the developing of the OpenStreetMap (OSM)
project in this country is organizing in N'Djamena these 9 and 10-Mai 2014
the Free Software Days (JLL - Journées du Logiciel Libre ) [1]

The JLL agenda feature an OSM mapathon that the Chadian OSM community (OSM
TD - Communauté OSM Tchad) OSM Tchad and the HOT CAR Activation Team will

This mapathon will contribute to the Humanitarian response to the Central
African Republic (CAR) Crisis and the mapping will target the border area
between the two countries (map uMap [2] and HOT Taskin manager job 518 HOT

Over this wide area, participants will be asked to map main roads, landuse
areas and add place names from local knowledge or from the GNS database
[4]. This will lay the ground for a more detailled mapping at locality
level over the border area similar to what is on-going in parallel
throughout the two territories. This effort will greatly help affected
populations as well as the actors of this Humanitarian Response, it will
help making of OSM in this country an essential cartographic asset (wiki
CAR [5] and CARCrisis Activation update [6]).

On 9-May, ADIL and OSM TD folks will start the mapathon in the form of a
one day mapping held in N'Djamena at the National Library, they will
alternate sessions over the following:


   State of the OSM project in Chad,

   The OSM TD way of growing as a community

   Demos over survey and mapping practices (gps, walking/field papers,
   josm) as well as OSM resources,

   Launching of the remote mapping campaign over the Chad/CAR border area.

On 10-May, harnessing on the initial mapping work by ADIL and OSM TD,
members of the OSM project are invited to join in this mapathon on the
model of similar actions carried out by HOT, the local OSM DRC community
and the Lubumbashi group with the implication of MSF_UK other local

As of today, the OSM projects from Sénégal, Togo and Burkina Faso are
organizing to take part in this mapping initiative by OSM TD and the
CARCrisis Activation Team.

The HOT mailing-list (French and English threads) will allow for
coordination over the two days.

Mapping progresses throughout this cartographic sequence will be relayed
over the twitter and facbook accounts of ADIL, OSM TD, HOT as well as
accounts from OSM groups and individuals joining in the event.

For OSM TD, CAR Activation

[1] = http://www.adil.td/

[2] =

[3] = http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/518

[4] =

[5] = http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Central_African_Republic

[6] =

Nicolas Chavent
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
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