[HOT] HOT Tech WG Meeting X+10

Dražen Odobašić dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr
Fri May 9 10:24:05 UTC 2014

Long overdue Tech WG IRC meeting X+10: Summary

  * reports that development of TMv2 is moving along nicely

  * reports on the progress to secure funding for the second part of TMv2 project
  * mentions that old HOT OpenAtrium has been taken down and we need to host it
on the server as an archive
  * discussion about an imagery request coordination tool
  * initial proof of concept based on github
  * created https://github.com/hotosm/imagery-requests to track issues

  * raises an issue what happens to the IRs which are private, maybe create a
private GH repo
    * we should then start paying for GH account
  * reports that OpenAearialMap rebirth will be happening, as a reply to
@dodobas idea to integrate imagery request coordination tool into OAM

  * mentions that he'd been talking with Mark Cupitt who is willing to work
donate developer time
  * raises a question to move TechWG meetings to mumble, however, follow on
discussion concludes we should stay on IRC
  * added bots to the mumble service:
    * bot that just repeats any text messages said in one channel to all linked
channels, the same as the voice does
    * bot lets you set a 'status' next to your name with a chat command

  * made some on the fly changes on cartocss style and looked at the code of the
TMv2 with pgiraud

  * deployed OpenAtriumV2 on http://openatrium.hotosm.org/
  * fixed a few issues on TMv1 production instance
    * SQLAlchemy version mismatch on the Tasking Manager, application internal
signals were not firing as advertised
    * there was an 'DDOS' like attack on TMv1, which crashed the instance so we
now have 20req/s limit per IP address, which works fine for normal usage patterns
  * fixed a few small TMv1 issues on GH and deployed the code to production
  * reconfigured mumble service and added a few bots @AndrewBuck
  * @clara reports - japanese and spanish languages are available on
www.hotosm.org web site

  * proposes to add products and services page on the LearnOSM which starts off
a discussion about the need to better communicate with the general public,
people outside of technical groups... """does our web presence sufficiently

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