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This is a very interesting initiative. For the various humanitarian activations, this is an important input.

But there are surely challenges to maintain an accurate database of such data. Quality of a well may vary over the time.   It would be important that people like Brian and contributors from the concerned countries participate to the discussion and examine solutions to import the data in OSM, the variables to add to the database.


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Hello Brian, Rafael, and others,

I am a volunteer with HOT and a retired hydrologist from the US Geological 
Survey where one of my specialties was water-point databases. I would be 
happy to help out with your water-point database in any way that I can.

I have developed a water-point database which uses Microsoft Access and VBA 
for a user interface. Although this software is now somewhat out of date, 
perhaps some of the data structure (1) and UI concepts could be salvaged.

Two thoughts about waterpoints and OSM:

1) Although locations could perhaps be slowly batch loaded into OSM in small 
groups using JOSM, it is difficult to verify locations using imagery since 
most wells cannot be seen; therefore ground-truthing of locations is needed.

2) Water points can have hundreds of attributes, so only a select few of the 
most important ones (location, name/serial number, owner, elevation, 
water-level elevation, safe yield, salinity) could be loaded into OSM. As 
you suggest, a separate database (which could be linked to OSM) would be 
needed to capture all of the information.


(1) http://pubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/ofr20071099

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Hi all:

About a week I received this email. If anyone thinks it is interesting
to answer it, feel free.

eHealth Africa has released thousands of water facilities in several
states (5 at least) of North Nigeria that could be imported into OSM.



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Subject: Launching New WASH Data Sharing Initiative
Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 15:09:45 +0000
From: Brian Banks <Brian.Banks at getf.org>
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Dear Rafael,

I hope this note finds you well!

I?m writing to tell you about a new effort to share data in the WASH
sector and to ask for your support.

As you know well, nearly 1.8 billion people lack access to safe water.
This challenge is exacerbated by failures in the water sector, resulting
in high rates of non-functioning water points. In response to this
challenge, governments, NGOs, and others are increasingly collecting
data on the functionality of water points around the world.
Unfortunately, there is currently no effective way to share this coming
flood of data. Costly information gathered is too often used once, by a
single user, and then remains inaccessible on organizational servers, in
dusty reports, and in proprietary monitoring systems.

In response to this challenge, we are launching a collaborative effort
to create a framework for sharing water point data. This effort will
leverage much of the good work already taking place throughout the
sector. Ultimately, we envision the ability for all stakeholders to
easily access and share water point data. The feasibility of this vision
has been explored through a pilot that has successfully brought together
nearly 250,000 data points from across 9 countries and 12 data sets. We
invite you to see that work (and data), available _here

Over the next two years, we will be carrying out three phases, each of
which we invite you to participate in:

·         *Developing the Data Exchange Standard:* We will be looking
for your input through webinars, meetings, and online discussions. We
want this data exchange framework to be helpful and easy to use for all

·         *Establishing a Hub for Shared Data: *With the goal of making
it easy to share your data and access what others have shared, we will
be developing an online hub for the data. We will be looking for your
input on how you would like this hub to work!**

·         *Supporting Sector Use of Water Point Data: * We have already
heard about a wide range of uses for this data, and look forward to
seeing how you would like to use data. We will be using this phase to
support diverse uses of the data throughout the water sector, and

* *

We will continue to reach out to you with specific opportunities as we
move forward. As a first step, we are conducting a desktop review to
understand which attributes are currently being monitored. We invite you
to include your monitoring framework in this desktop study, and can keep
your data confidential if needed. To participate, *please send a
spreadsheet with the water point attributes your organization monitors
(e.g. header row), along with 2-3 rows of data to **Ida.Githu at getf.org
<mailto:Ida.Githu at getf.org>**.* Please indicate if you would like the
data kept confidential, and feel free to anonymize the data as needed.

Lastly, I have prepared a bit more background on this initiative for
your review, available here
<http://www.globalwaterchallenge.org/resources/Overview_Final.pdf>. We
are looking forward to working together on this, and welcome any
questions, suggestions, or input you may have!

All the best,


Brian Banks

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Global Water Challenge

2900 S. Quincy Street, Suite 375

Arlington, VA 22206

Phone: (703) 379-2713

Email:Brian.Banks at getf.org <mailto:brian.banks at getf.org>

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