[HOT] Floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Mon May 19 14:45:28 UTC 2014

On 05/19/2014 04:03 PM, Harry Wood wrote:
> I've created a wiki page about these floods:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2014_Southeast_Europe_floods

Thx, I'll TRY to update it with some info.

Here is a map someone created which shows areas involved in floods
They approximate the area to be 22900 square kilometers.

Serbia: http://www.poplave.rs/
They switched to Google last night, but I sent a message to original 
author to ask him why and he didn't know it, someone else in the team 
changed it. He'll look into it who changed it and why and will bring OSM 

BiH: http://mapapoplava.zastone.ba/  & http://www.poplave.eu
They use ushahidi with OSM for few days now at first link, and now 
someone created new site in wordpress with only info.

Croatia: http://poplave.hr/
I asked them should we activate it for Croatia, they dind't reply and 
created one in wordpress because they didn't know how to start ushahidi.
IDIOTS!!! They were offered help!
And now when we ask them for locations they give me names od towns...

> I included a couple of cautions familiar from the UK floods response:
> 1) Bosnia and Serbia have active mapping communities. We need to take care to do remote armchair mapping only if it's wanted, and remember that on-the-ground gathered data is more valuable.
> 2) The temptation with Floods is to map stuff which is very temporary. Ushahidi or other map overlay tools are more appropriate for temporary situational updates (more appropriate than modifying the osm data every few days, or modding it and forgetting to put it back again!)
> But having said that...  HBogner is calling for some mapping response. No reason not to get stuck in with improving the roads etc, to make it a more useful basemap.

I have contacts in Serbia(where i'm currently) and in Croatia(where i'm 
from), but' dont have contacts from Bosnia.

I talked to people from http://mapapoplava.zastone.ba/ and they can give 
me csv export from their ushahidi site. Can that help to determin the 

My first objective is to map the areas as good as possible with 
available imagery so people can have better maps to report on those sites.
Only with new imagery and ground data will there be a possibility to map 
any changes.

On the ground data will be only available in later time when situation 
calms down.

Almost all the flood waters in Bosnia will flow into river 
Sava(Bosnian-Croatian border) and that wave is still going to hit that 
region harder and will flow into Serbia and hit some places again, and 
flow into Danube river.

Hope this info helps.

> Was http://www.poplave.rs originally using OpenStreetMap? They've swapped it to google maps now :-(  Any other examples of people using OpenStreetMap for coordination/situation maps?

Posted above
> Feel free to edit the wiki page mercilessly
> Harry

Hrvoje Bogner.

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