[HOT] Floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Mon May 19 21:48:55 UTC 2014

An Aljazeera updates reports that ph. dr. Stjepan Šterc from the Faculty of 
Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia estimated the flooded area to be about 
22.900 km2 in those countries. 

Bosnia: 13.200 km2 
Serbia: 9.100 km2 
Croatia: 600 km2 

Thanks to Aljazeera who provided us a polygon that approximimates the flooded zones. From this, I created a new task that covers the three countries affected.

The extent of the area to cover is very important and we need to prioritize where to start. This new job is to offer a basemap for these 22.900km2. Since the Serbia has been already covered by various 
tasks, we should now prioritize first the Bosnia Herzegovina where most 
of the displaced peoples are located. We should also start to select 
tasks that are near the rivers, completing other tasks afterward.

I  invite the OpenStreetMap contributors to map the waterways, highways and landuse areas in the Task manager 
job 534. Please concentrate on the left polygon that covers Bosnia Herzegovina.

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Here is another map:

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