[HOT] HOT Imagery Request service - Test

Dražen Odobašić dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr
Wed May 21 19:16:11 UTC 2014


today Igor implemented some of the features and fixed some bugs. Most notable
changes are:
* add Bing image age overlay (source: http://mvexel.dev.openstreetmap.org/bing/)
* main menu is moved form the sidebar to the header
* imagery request areas are shown as markers on small scales, making them
visible on a world map
* map height on the main page adjusts automatically to browser window height

Please check it out, and use GitHub issue page to discuss/comment about
enhancements, bugs, etc.  https://github.com/candela-it/hirc/issues

HIRC service testing url: http://hirc.dev.hotosm.org/


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