[HOT] bother adding source=Whatever to each object?

Andy Anderson aanderson at amherst.edu
Mon Nov 3 23:45:43 UTC 2014

Hi, Pat,

Looking at OSM using the iD editor, when I type in “image” the only relevant tags that pop up are “image”,  “source:imagery”, and “source_type_imagery”; “imagery_used” is not an option, I have to type it in explicitly. Does this mean it’s not a very commonly used tag (?).

It would be much better if this were automatic, in any case. Even with the easy-to-use Source button present, it’s a bit of a bother; it would be even more so if this type has to be typed or menued in every time. Theoretically one could switch background imagery even in the middle of an edit, which might warrant multiple tags, but that would probably be rare.

— Andy

On Nov 3, 2014, at 6:21 PM, Pat Tressel <ptressel at myuw.net<mailto:ptressel at myuw.net>> wrote:

There was another thread relating to this a short while ago, so there's more relevant discussion there.

Two notes:

The source tag can hold other info besides imagery, e.g. it could tell who or what agency provided some item of information.  The iD imagery_used tag is more specific.  But historically, source has been used for imagery too.

With respect to whether the source / imagery_used tag should go on features or changeset:  I raised this question at the end of the previous thread on this subject.  We don't want to lose the fact that something was traced with use of a particular set of imagery if someone edits a feature.  Let's take one specific case:  Say that someone enters a feature (say it's one point, just to be clear) using one set of imagery, and the imagery_used tag gets assigned to the changeset.  If someone later shifts that point, while using a different set of imagery, is it still possible to get back to the original changeset from the modified point?

-- Pat

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Ray Kiddy <ray at ganymede.org<mailto:ray at ganymede.org>> wrote:
On Mon, 3 Nov 2014 19:51:52 +0100
Sander Deryckere <sanderd17 at gmail.com<mailto:sanderd17 at gmail.com>> wrote:

> It's more logical to put it on the changeset.
> Like when you draw a building, and add source=bing. But then someone
> who lives there gives it a name, and forgets to alter the source, the
> object has data that can't be derived from the source. So it's in
> fact your edit operation that has a source, not the object itself.

I had wondered about this when I saw multiple source values on an
object. I mean, which other attributes came from which source?
Technically the source should map to the subset of the attributes that
were observed from that source, but in real life, I would have no idea
how that could be presented in a way anyone would understand.

> As such, source=Bing is by many mappers preferred on the changeset
> (also because it keeps the database a bit smaller).

> When you edit with JOSM, you can add the source manually as a tag to
> the changeset (which is handy if your source is a survey or offline
> source). In iD, it automatically logs the imagery used in the
> changeset, but you don't get an option to give other sources (which
> is why many people still put a source on the objects).

So I understand this to mean that if you are putting in an object from
the imagery in front of you, you do not need to do anything else. I am
not seeing that iD is attaching this anywhere but I may not be looking
in the right place. But as long as the database sees it, I do not need

Take away point, I do not need to set the source 100 times and I am
good with that.

cheers - ray

> Regards,
> Sander
> 2014-11-03 19:41 GMT+01:00 Ray Kiddy <ray at ganymede.org<mailto:ray at ganymede.org>>:
> >
> > Hello -
> >
> > This is probably a somewhat basic question about editing for HOT
> > tasks.
> >
> > As I have been editing in various HOT tasks, I have been adding
> > something like source=Bing (where that is the imagery) onto every
> > road, every building, every ... everything that I create. Need I
> > bother with this?
> >
> > I have seen in (perhaps just some tasks') instructions that I could
> > also just put this on the changeset comment. So I can just add it
> > to the changeset once instead of adding it to the object 100 times?
> >
> > If it could be put on the changeset comment and not on every object,
> > that would be convenient. It would also explain why, when I look at
> > all of the objects others have created, I hardly ever see a source
> > value.
> >
> > So, am I doing too much work by re-entering the source value every
> > time? What is the level of diligence expected here?
> >
> > thanx - ray
> >
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