[HOT] unknown structures are buildings?

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 4 23:39:18 UTC 2014

Adding to my previous comments. 

The development of such learning material has to be taught to facilitate the translation to other languages. Images if overlapping text are not easy to translate. 

Such images have be available in a way to facilitate tranlation. I am not familiar with the tools that would let make distinction between the text and the image and let revise the text. Two images? Would Svg format asssure editing the text to translate in other languages?


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Hi Nick

As a first step, yes it could be linked. But eventually, would the best be to integrate the content directly into a LearnOsm section? 

As I said before, I think that we should have short sections for each task ie, buildings, roads, etc. The content could also be easily adapted to show side by side ID and JOSM when possible. 

For example, about the buildings, you give examples how to trace buildings, orthogonalize them. Then a step further, you show the Build plugin from JOSM. Then a contributor would be able to compare the features of the two editors.


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 Would there be any problem linking it from somewhere in learnosm? I'd be happy to have a check through for somewhere suitable and do the work.
 On 04/11/14 22:09, Pierre Béland wrote:
Hi Blake

revisiting your page, it is already quite instructive bringing attention to various aspects. It is clear and easy to understand.

Even if not yet completed, we could link to this in the Task Manager to help beginners.


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