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Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the feedback, not sure ising for me as from my own experience
setting links with OSM contributors really improve their interest. I would
encourage you to do so during the mapping parties you join, and organizers
to seek for such mentors.


Le 8 nov. 2014 10:06, "AYTOUN RALPH" <ralph.aytoun at ntlworld.com> a écrit :

> I have attended two Tuesday evening Missing Maps Mapathons so far.
> The problem with mapping is it's appearance. These newbies have seen the
> OpenStreetMap as it should look like, they have seen printed maps all
> neatly drawn with understandable colours and names telling them what things
> are. When they try to map from the imagery I see them making funny squiggly
> polygons for the shapes they see and then do not feel satisfied that they
> are capable of producing anything resembling the neat maps they know. Not
> everyone can interpret the image they are seeing and translate those
> details into the neat logical maps they are used to seeing.
> At the first Mapathon I roamed around the room looking at each person's
> work and gave assistance where I saw it was needed. Very few newbies
> actually asked for someone to come and help.
> The second one I set myself up at a table and introduced myself as an
> experienced mapper. I was amazed at the difference. Here they were calling
> me by name and continuously asking me to come and look at their work and
> explain what they were seeing or checking that they had done it correctly.
> I was amiss though, while I knew them by name I found that was not enough.
> When I got home and thought I could look at their work and encourage them I
> found the difficulty....they are logged on with a user name and I had no
> way of knowing who was who, even accessing their profile does not give
> their actual name.
> May I suggest that a possible way forward would be to have a mentor at
> each table that is introduced to them by name, for that mentor to get each
> ones details and contact information and to remain in touch and encourage
> them to do more and help them to achieve the standard required to make them
> feel impressed with their own work. They would be more receptive to advice
> and guidance from a person they know than random unknown user names that
> invalidate their work. This may effectively tackle two problems....raising
> the standard of the new mappers and encouraging them to continue mapping.
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