[HOT] mapping standards

s55447 s55447 at beuth-hochschule.de
Sun Nov 9 12:14:33 UTC 2014

Regards to all list members!

I'm one of a group of cartography students from Germany. One of the 
courses in our master program deals with OSM mapping of the Region West 
in Camerun. We're aiming on two things: Final goal no. 1  is to fill 
gaps and correct existing routes and their attributes mainly based on 
satellite imagery. Secondly, goal no. 2 is a final one, too, but 
contains basic work prior to our mapping process: We want to find or 
develop tagging standards for Camerun which shall finally become 
available at the OSM-page "Tagging guidelines by country".

So we're all together 15 students that start working on the road 
network. BUT that's important for us:

1. We would like to get in contact with mappers who have already worked 
on that before or doing it right now. We would like to share experiences 
in order to avoid working and discussing on things that others have 
already done or that has been already discussed. And of course: We want 
to avoid interfering with mapping activities that are going on right now 
in that region, but rather combine our efforts for the next few weeks in 
order to produce a consistent output.

2. On which basis have the existing routes been tagged before? Where 
there specific agreements for Camerun? What about the usability of the 
criteria proposed on the "Highway Tag Africa"-page in the OSM-Wiki which 
is initiated by HOT? What about the usability of "Référentiel 
Géographique Routier" which can be seen on www.geocameroun.cm?

Finally, we would like our contributions to be substantial in order to 
develop a standardized and reliable geoinformational fundament on which 
further mapping can be consistantly conducted. So we're looking forward 
to any advices!

Best regards from Germany! kamak

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