[HOT] (Last?) Update regarding the 7th DRC Ebola outbreak

Claire Halleux claire.halleux at hotosm.org
Fri Nov 14 22:24:19 UTC 2014

Hello Everyone,

In DRC, where the last Ebola outbreak started on August 24th, there hasn't
been any new positive case since the 4th of October! Therefore, tomorrow,
the outbreak is expected to be officially declared over!

Since the beginning of that crisis, most (if not all) accurate maps of the
affected area have displayed OSM data. All the tracing needs expressed by
MSF, OCHA and WFP were taken care of, thanks to the 98 contributors who
took actively part in this response (some of them achieved upto 37
squares!). Thanks again to the HIU #Mapgive project too for filling the
"gaps" with additional imagery.

Some humanitarian organizations are still currently working in the area for
raising awareness or bringing support to the affected communities (food
security, water, sanitation and hygiene).
Remaining tasks (under process) are:

   - Achieving the validation (although this is not high priority anymore),
   see tasks 658 and 661 if interested.
   - Gathering the data that was/is collected on the ground and bringing it
   into OSM.

Congratulations to all OSM contributors who participated to those 9 HOT
tasks (editors, validators and all other supportive volunteers).



Claire Halleux
Volunteer and Member of the Board
+243 99 256 9980 (Kinshasa, DRC)
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

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