[HOT] Polio Outbreak and Ebola Preparedness - East Cameroon - New Task Announcement

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Sun Nov 23 02:59:23 UTC 2014

Dear All

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) need all rural Cameroon mapped in response to the Polio
outbreak and also monitoring and preparing for a possible Ebola outbreak.

A New task has been created to assist with Round 2 of this project using
High resolution imagery supplied by DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 service
available on the Mapbox Satellite Layer.

*http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/777 <http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/777> *

Please assist these organizations by mapping the following:

   - villages/residential areas (Polygons tagged landuse=residential)
   - roads, streets, paths (tag roads according the Highway Tag Africa wiki
   - water bodies, rivers, streams and forests
   - open areas (not fields, just smooth open ground next to towns) as
   leisure=common as these are potential helicopter landing sites.
   - school areas, easily identified as 1 or 2 long buildings at the edge
   of the village often with two small toilet buildings behind them. The
   schools are almost always accompanied by a large open area for the children
   to play in, tag the whole area of the school complex (amenity=school) and
   trace the school buildings ( building=school) and bathrooms ( building=yes
   and amenity=toilets.)

*NOTE: Buildings are NOT required on this Task, but landuse=residential
will be used to identify future tasks to map buildings, so please include
all residential areas as Polygons*

If you have local knowledge, please also identify:

   - names and boundaries of settlements, sub-places, administrative
   districts and health districts
   - medical facilities

The Polio outbreak in Cameroon has been ongoing since at least October
2013. The outbreak continued into 2014, with international spread to
Equatorial Guinea. In March 2014, WHO elevated the risk assessment of
international spread of polio from Cameroon to very high, due to  expanding
circulation and influx of vulnerable refugee populations from Central
African Republic (CAR). This risk assessment remains in place. Further
undetected circulation in Cameroon cannot be ruled out. Moreover, the risk
of virus spreading into CAR is considered to be particularly high given the
large-scale population movements from CAR into Cameroon.


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