[HOT] West Africa Ebola Activation since height months

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun Nov 23 21:46:22 UTC 2014

We started this Activation 8 months ago at the request of MSF-Switzerland and CartONG. Red Cross / Red Crescent joined in rapidly the Coordination team with the objective to map the affected countries. Various Imagery providers offered us graciously their imagery. In august we were invited with other international organizations to participate to the  Global Ebola Crisis Response | UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response.
The Maps and various Export services are useful to MSF, Red Cross / Red Crescent and various other organizations that operate in these countries. This in a context where there was no detailed map before the start of this outbreak.

Pascal Neis Contribution Map shows that nearly 2,600 OSM contributors participated to date to map Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and more recently Mali. So far, more than 12 million objects have been edited. This is an unprecedented effort from the OSM community.

 But various reports show that this epidemy is not over. MSF provided an update on November 21 showing progress and challenges of this epidemic that force to adjust the focus continuously.

 Satellites images were necessary to map the different areas. So far,  we had the support of Bing, the HIU Unit of US Secretary of State,  MapBox and CERN / Airbus Space & Defense. To this, new images are now offered courtesy of Google Skybox Imaging and NGA US. This should allow us to map the areas where imaging was missing. Note that except for the first 3 images purchased by MSF in March, all other images were provided free to help fight against this epidemic. OpenStreetMap Response to the West-Africa Ebola outbreak, wiki pagehttps://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2014_West_Africa_Ebola_Response
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