[HOT] HOT Tasking Manager: missing a frontpage by projects

Severin Menard severin.menard at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 20:17:17 UTC 2014


The current front page of the Tasking Manager v2 looks like a lot to the
v1, with a search bar and an automatic ranking. The default one is no more
the creation date, but the priority .

Actually, this way of presenting the projects is quite messy and make
invisible everything that is no high or urgent (and IMHO it is complicated
to make the difference between high and urgent when it deals with a deep
humanitarian crisis, between population killed by such epidemic or another,
civil war or was between two states), like the development or preparedness
projects. Some crisis related projects are also quickly going in the bottom
where few mappers will go and dig.
Thus anybody has no clear idea about the ongoing projects and many
contributing opportunities are missed.

IMHO, the front page should present (at least) these categories:
- Priority tasks for those who would like to go to the current front page
- Crisis Activations
- Crisis support (or a better expression related what is not under an
'official" HOT Activation but relates to a crisis, like the Tharparkar
Drought this year),
- Disaster Preparedness
- Development projects
- Humanitarian organization requests (that actually can crosscut other
- Community driven projects (for those made by local OSM communities)

All those categories would lead to a page where the projects have one slot
each, then the child pages would list the different jobs related to each of

Having a tagging system of jobs would facilitate such page presentation.


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