[HOT] OSM humanitarian layer as an ArcGIS basemap?

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You can also do this in QGIS by editing the python code. Claire, if that's of interest to your teams I think Vivien Depardey posted instructions in this forum 2 years ago or so.

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If you're adding OSM to ArcGIS as a Basemap, it looks like those are provided through ESRI's ArcGIS Online. They might consider adding more options to those, but I doubt it'd be anytime soon.

Other options:
1) Adding the Humanitarian layer using ArcGIS Online. You can get the basic idea here: http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2013/04/01/using-stamen-and-mapbox-tilesets-as-basemaps-in-arcgis-com/
2) There's an ArcGIS addon called ArcBruTile (http://arcbrutile.codeplex.com/)  which has a larger list of TMS services to add, including all the standard OSM layers...except Humanitarian. :(  You can't seem to add services on your own, but they have added services on request (added osm.fr<http://osm.fr> by request in May)


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On 9/10/2014 8:25 AM, Claire Halleux wrote:
In case anyone of you would be using OSM basemap in ArcGIS 10 and would know some details about it... people involved in mapping DRC Ebola emergency are currently looking for those informations:
- is it possible to change the standard OSM layer to the humanitarian layer in ArcGIS and how?
It should be possible to add a layer. I don't know ArcGIS, but you want to add a TMS layer, and the URLs are something like http://{switch:a,b,c}.tile.openstreetmap.fr/hot/{z}/{x}/{y}.png<http://tile.openstreetmap.fr/hot/%7Bz%7D/%7Bx%7D/%7By%7D.png>
- what is the exact frequency of WMS refresh (think it's daily but not confirmed and when exactly)?
The layer is not a WMS layer, but a TMS layer. Data is consumed minutely, but it uses a standard tile cache/tile store setup where it stores previously rendered tiles and re-renders them when updated. Thus there is no guarantee of currency. In general, it will behave the same as the Standard layer on OpenStreetMap.org
- it often happens that the software doesn't properly load the tiles, displaying some tiles from different zoom levels, even with a good Internet connection (maybe the cache?), how to avoid this issue?
I understand the server has been at 100% usage lately

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