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Nick and others,

Last week Andrew was helping someone identify and tag mines. Today, Nick is
explaining huts.

Do you think that it would help to have a basic compilation of tags,
satellite screenshots and pictures to help guide new mappers for this
region? We could simply start a google doc for pictures, tags and just keep
adding it.

It might help with accuracy.

Let me know and I can help.


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On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 9:44 AM, Nick Allen <nick.allen.54 at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Hi,
> A recent post on this list led me to investigate the tag building=hut.
> I'm not entirely sure that I remember it's history within HOT, but I
> believe many of us started using it on round thatched dwellings at the
> start of the Ebola outbreak. I've been creating a circle of the correct
> size and tagging the way as 'building=hut' in much the same way as we
> create a rectangle / polygon on a square sided structure and tag it
> building=yes. The info on the main tagging wiki at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:building shows the tag being used
> on an area, not a node.
> I've had a quick look on overpassturbo for part of Liberia, and there are
> clusters of the tag, in some places on a node & in others on a polygon - on
> at least one occasion the node has a comment similar to '7 huts'.
> A quick query on taginfo for building=hut;
> All    832415,
> Node   8113
> Way 824247
> Relation   55
> The purpose of creating the polygon was for the clever GIS folk to analyse
> and create population estimates, when used in conjunction with the
> landuse=residential polygon which needs to be traced fairly closely around
> the perimeter of the cluster of buildings to allow accurate estimates of
> population for a village / hamlet / town (Something to do with area
> calculations). I suspect that it is still being used for that purpose, and
> will continue to do so. Also if the building is traced it appears on the
> map, but if it is a node it does not. On the basis you can do a more
> accurate calculation on the area from the polygon & you can't do it on a
> node that could represent an unknown quantity of buildings I think we need;
> * When remote mapping an area, unless the task description says otherwise,
> create a polygon for the round dwelling and tag it building=hut
> * To ensure our own training & reference sites, such as wiki pages,
> LearnOSM and slide shows or other materials are up to date - if it's wrong
> & you can't fix it, at least highlight it so someone can.
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