[HOT] Houses or buildings with no roof in W Africa mapping

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When I trace something like this, I use the key-value "landuse=construction". I also am in the habit of annotating traced objects with imagery date on the object, which is more useful for something like this than, for instance, doing so for travelways. --Courtland 

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They could be both. When I asked the question a few months ago concerning similar structures elsewhere in Africa I was told that it can take a while for something to be built & finished, but it can also be a case of something has become disused & the roof removed. In either case, it would be a relatively quick job for someone to clean it up and add a roof. 

Something to consider - since the satellite imagery was taken the structure could have changed - now be complete & with residents. In some areas corrugated iron is available & a roof could be added in a few hours. 

The other option is something like a pig sty - a small building with a roof for the animal to shelter in with a compound or compounds attached to it - pigs, goats, etc.. 

I can't see for sure what that particular image is showing - probably the animal compound but it could just as easily be the residence in decay or slow construction. 

The outlines we are tracing today could be unchanged on the map for many months / years. I try to make sure they will appear in the data in one format or another because at least someone using just the map data can look at it and say "There's some kind of building there" & perhaps another say "That's John's farm, it's gone now but the road still goes through there" - you need the local knowledge that we just can't possess. 

Acceptable options to me all involve the structure being traced and appear in https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:building . Whatever it is, it's construction includes barrier=wall which is also a valid option. I have no wish to offend someone who is probably a better mapper than me, so I try not to alter tags if they appear in the wiki, but I will probably do so if they don't render in Mapnik or Humanitarian style renderings. 

If it was me doing the tracing I would keep it simple; 

Hope this helps 



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New user supersonic3974 asked this question in irc last night but didn't get a reply: 

[22:45] <supersonic3974> Hey, quick question. What are these things that look like buildings under construction? They seem to be everywhere. Here's an example: http://imgur.com/ccS03xv 

I have that same question coincidentally enough. 

They look like buildings with no roof. 

Are they buildings under construction or structures that lost their roof? 

My guess is we wouldn't outline them since they probably are not inhabited, but I don't know for sure. 

I'll make sure he gets an answer if someone replies here. 


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