[HOT] [Ebola] Import of 14, 020 United Nations Mission in Liberia place nodes

Ralf Stephan gtrwst9 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 15:28:55 UTC 2014

I would like to share some thoughts and experiences on this import task.​

   - ​Landsat-8 imagery can only sometimes prove existence of a hamlet.
   This may be due to the small size of UNMIL sourced places in general, but
   there are also resolution issues. so there is quite some number of
   place=unknown from the UNMIL data, the percentage practically corresponding
   to 100 minus the Bing coverage in the square.​
   - Alternatively to setting
   ​ beforehand, I went ​
   in a final pass through
   ​a list filtered with ​"
   ​ -
   place=unknown -source=GNS" to​
   make sure they are
   ​set. That's a bit less involved IMHO than having to set hamlet manually.
   - Some hamlets with person names seem to be neighborhoods but often it
   is undecidable if a single farm is meant or a nearby village without name.
   - The Wiki workflow page is unclear on unmil:ids when merging two UNMIL
   nodes but probably that would be ="id1;id2". Any objections against adding
   it to the Wiki?

​If I do something wrong please don't hesitate to criticize.

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