[HOT] Mapping Africa's National Parks, Game Reserves and Nature Reserves

John White jwpwhite at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 18:09:47 UTC 2014

Hi All
I am coordinating a project to map the protected areas (National Parks,
Game Reserves, Nature Reserves etc.) in Africa. Apart from preserving
wildlife, Africa's protected areas are an important and sustainable sources
of foreign currency, jobs and upliftment in many countries on the
continent. Outside of South Africa, protected areas have hardly been mapped
on OSM making it very difficult for tourists and travel operators to
navigate and review these areas before travelling to them.

I would like for this project 'Mapping Africa's Protected Areas' to be
set-up on HOT so that is can receive the attention in really deserves. Is
there anyone that is interested and can assist?

I have made a start on mapping some protected areas and tracking their

John White
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