[HOT] "Training" volunteers in Albania

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 11:48:05 UTC 2015

Hi Malenki,

I have a good contact I can pass this on to.

Thank you for following up on it.


On 4/10/2015 11:54 AM, malenki wrote:
> About a month ago I stumbled over some beginners mapping in Tirana
> (capital of Albania).
> Though the edits were not too useful they were tagged with
> #hotosm-project-926 #PeaceCorps #PeaceCorpsAlbania source=Bing
> so I thought to do nothing for the time being since the connected task
> http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/926 said
> | The Peace Corps Program in Tirana is training Volunteers […]
> But after a month the data isn't changed/corrected and my message¹ to
> the creator of the task sent on 24th of March still is not answered.
> A mentioning of the issue on IRC on March 28th also don't give results.
> My view of the issue is:
> Which worth has a "training" when the trainees don't get feedback?
> The creator of the task (which I assume the trainer) hasn't made a
> single edit in Albania.
> The data created during the task wasn't enhanced after creating it.
> Now I'd like to hand over the "issue" to people with more experience
> in HOT.
> Regards
> Thomas
> ¹ The message I sent:
> Mirëdita [Albanian "good day"] $User
> you created HOT task 926¹ for training volunteers in Albania.
> I welcome people mapping a country I really like and of course HOT is
> an invaluable program. But when you are /training/ people you should
> also teach them how to do stuff and give feedback to what they mapped.
> Else they may produce just a lot of unhelpful data.
> I didn't investigate on purpose but so far I stumbled over following
> issues:
>      duplicate houses (mapped by the same mapper
>      https://www.osm.org/#map=21/41.3330021/19.7839432
>      houses with offset to its basements
>      https://www.osm.org/#map=20/41.333141/19.782218
>      houses drawn over highways
>      https://www.osm.org/#map=20/41.333141/19.782218
>      ways of outlines only tagged with area=yes e.g.:
>      https://www.osm.org/#map=19/41.334339/19.788208
>      In Tirana I found 103 ways which were tagged this way and
>      belong to HOT task 926.
> I also found a highway=road dragged over a correct highway which I just
> corrected in the hope that the other stuff would be vanish due to a
> training supervisor - which didn't happen.
> Please tell your trainees that, when they map the outline of a roof,
> they should afterwards drag it to the ground floor of the building. The
> higher the building the worse the offset due to the sloped angle of the
> aerial photograph. Please also tell them about the function "make
> rectangular" which every editor has. (When using JOSM, don't forget to
> mention the plugin "buildings_tools" (which enables drawing and tagging
> a house with two clicks) and the extrude tool).
> Best Regards from Germany
> Thomas
> ¹ http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/926
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