[HOT] Situational awareness regarding weather events

Russell Deffner russdeffner at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 17:26:06 UTC 2015

Hi HOT list,

Hello Ethan,

I've talked to a few people about this but I am interested in getting
responses from a broader audience. Many of the HOT activations in the past
have been the result of weather events: typhoons and hurricanes, flooding,
and droughts. 

Thus, I am reaching out to get a feel for how information is gathered about
current and future weather by activation managers and the other
powers-that-be. Is it generally through news agencies, like when a potential
threat reaches the critical mass to have coverage devoted to it? Are their
briefings or notifications occurring from partner agencies? Does someone
perform surveillance of regions on a daily/weekly basis from personal online
searches or from weather agencies?

As with the nature of our 'crowdsourced' organization, it is mostly
individual HOT community members who alert the list of an ongoing or
potential upcoming weather emergency.  Our Activation Working Group has
discussed doing something more formal, and we'd appreciate anyone who is
interested to join us:

I've been on the activating-to-map side of HOT for a while in my spare time.
But, professionally, I work with weather data and models daily...it's what I
research and study. I recently started thinking about a "HOT weather
briefing site" that compiles information and images for the short and long
term about the atmospheric state. This would be a one stop shop reference
site that activation managers, or anyone really, could consult to become
aware of the weather situation globally.

Is this worth pursuing or does it duplicate efforts already present? I would
appreciate your thoughts regarding both sets of questions, either on or off


I'm not sure myself if there is already something like this
available/happening, I think there are probably more 'accurate/up-to-date'
sites regionally, but it's worth chatting about.


Kind regards,


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