[HOT] URGENT: Need OSMand files for Nepal

Wm Snyder wsnyder at femac.us
Sun Apr 26 18:31:49 UTC 2015



How long till they arrive? 

If possible, update the map when they arrive. 

These maps are getting more detailed every hour. 

We try to have links to the most current feeds and contacts at
FEMAC.INFO , butnot in OsmAnd data format. 

I read that you cold use google Docs? 

Maybe we should add that to our server. 



On 26.4.2015 2:04 pm, Andrew Buck wrote: 

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> Hey everyone,
> We just got an urgent request from Red Cross. They have people
> getting on planes in 3 hours to leave for Nepal, and they want to
> upload up to date OSMand maps onto their phones before they leave.
> We need someone to export the current OSM data and convert it to
> OSMand format and either post it online or email it to Dale as quickly
> as possible.
> Please respond to this email on the list if you plan to do this so
> others know it is being worked on.
> Again, this request is very urgent: need this data in 3 hours or less.
> - -AndrewBuck
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