[HOT] Nepal topo maps. Mapwarper volunteers needed

Gus Urban gusunavarro at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 19:48:21 UTC 2015

Andrés . I know a little mapwarper. Maybe can Help!

El dom., abr. 26, 2015 13:52, Andrew Buck <andrew.r.buck at gmail.com>

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> Hey everyone.  We are going to try to bring in the GNS place names of
> villages for Nepal like we did in west Africa.  The first step in this
> process is uploading a series of old topographic maps onto mapwarper,
> rectifying them, and making them into a layer.
> I will get the relevant maps uploaded, but I would appreciate it if a
> few people who are familiar with mapwarper could hop on mumble so we
> can collaborate on getting them rectified quickly.
> Once they are rectified well and in a layer we will start working on
> bringing in GNS nodes to fill in place names.  It also looks like the
> topo maps have a lot of names that are not in GNS at all, so they will
> be a useful resource in their own right.
> - -AndrewBuck
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