[HOT] DigitalGlobe Imagery for Nepal

Kevin Bullock kbullock at digitalglobe.com
Mon Apr 27 03:09:09 UTC 2015

DigitalGlobe has open sourced pre and post event imagery for Nepal. (Official blog post with license info forthcoming). All imagery is licensed for OpenStreetMap usage. Using this portal below, you'll be able to view and download imagery, as well as creating OGC endpoints. To download, zoom in and click the "camera" button. To create endpoints, there is a "Use With" button on top.

Useable imagery is up now, we've been collecting despite cloudy conditions. This imagery was collected at a very high off nadir angle so accuracy will not be as good as typical DG imagery, and you'll notice increased building lean. In the next few hours, we will be making several more attempts with the entire constellation. As new imagery is collected, it will be processed and added to this service.

URL: http://services.digitalglobe.com<http://services.digitalglobe.com/>
Username: nepal
Password: forcrisis​

Connect ID: 3be28e3d-4e5a-4d61-8d25-51996e44b761​

Sincerely, Kevin Bullock on behalf of DigitalGlobe

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