[HOT] Potlatch 2 & Tasking Manager - outline boundary of square

Nick Allen nick.allen.54 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 16:46:06 UTC 2015


1. Tasking Manager - obtain your square,
2. Tasking Manager - select 'edit with JOSM' and under the words 'edit 
with josm' you will see a line of text 'Tip:Download the following gpx 
file .......'
3. click on download file & make a note where you put it.
4. Tasking Manager - using the dropdown list, change from JOSM to 
'Potlatch 2' - this will open in a new tab,
5. Potlatch 2, select Background / Vector File - use the menu to load 
the gpx file you downloaded.
6. Make sure there is a tick in the 'show' column before you close the 
window down.
7. Potlatch should now display the boundary as a square - blue in my 
case. Potlatch will still download data outside the area, so be careful 
about watching for the boundary.

Any feedback on this process appreciated - if there are any experts on 
Potlatch who have better guidance, please supply it.

I'll add it to my ToDo list to get a section into LearnOSM & update the 
wiki, but I have got a lot of commitments over the next couple of weeks, 
so please have patience.

Good luck & thank you for persevering.  Life moves on so quickly it's 
sometimes difficult to keep the manual up to date.



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