[HOT] Just a reminder -- areas, not points, for buildings

Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Wed Apr 29 20:01:07 UTC 2015

Hi, all,

         I was validating a square in Nepal and saw that someone had 
put in points rather than areas for buildings. Worse, they were 
tagged "residential buildings."
         As with Liberia, the preferred way to do buildings is as 
areas. It's maddening sometimes to draw those little squares, I know, 
but it's important. Also, though it's very likely that most are 
houses, especially in rural areas, we can't assume they are. It's 
best just to tag them as "building" for now. That way ground crews 
will know that they have to check each one.
         I know you're tired, but keep mapping as long as you can!

Best wishes,


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