[HOT] round houses / huts + (Nepal HOT mapping)

super abnormal superabnormal at me.com
Thu Apr 30 07:48:15 UTC 2015

Hi All, 

1) Big question:

There are a lot of round structures in rural Nepal. Some are solid two story houses, others are more like shelters for those working in fields to rest in during the heat of the day. Others look like haystacks or storage structures.  However, I'm not seeing many round buildings marked on squares i've looked at. Have others come across this too?  

I've been ommitting them since nobody else I could see was including them - but I'm starting to realise others' examples not necessarily the best things to follow(!) Should we mark them as building=hut to seperate them from those that are clearly houses?   The verify wiki page has similar looking round structures to what i refer - but what about when they are in the middle of a field/hill-side? 

2) Some smaller points, that could be added to instructions at start - or tips that could be sent out via @hotosm twitter feed:

- if you're newish to osm, don't verify (leave that to those who've been doing it longer)
- zoom in close for tracing buildings (e.g. till 50ft shows on scale bottom left of screen on iD editor) 
- watch out for building hidden under the residential area lines or lines where people have marked forests
- (should we be marking forests?) 
- toggle layers on/off to see what things you might be missing 
- what to do when features traverse adjacent squares? (finish the first one then check out the second one and join them up is what i've been doing) 

3) Last but not least --- can we point new mappers to one or more perfectly mapped and verified beautiful example square(s) somewhere? Quickest way to get up to speed on specific hot needs would be to follow a really good example and refer back to it to check when we need to. 

Ok, back to editing… 

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