[HOT] HOT's new Interim Executive Director

Heather Leson heatherleson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:42:03 UTC 2015

HI everyone, Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Tyler Radford. He
is HOT's Interim Executive Director starting today.

Today Tyler will join the community at the first ever HOT Summit held in
Washington DC. Blake has been posting about full weekend of all things
HOT.  As you can imagine this is a true HOT week to join with the focus on
the supporting the response for the Nepal Earthquake and the Summit. Talk
about an on boarding to a new job experience.

More about Tyler:


I am hoping to arrange an online community meeting with Tyler in the coming
week so that you can meet him and ask questions. Hope you can join us then.

As mentioned in the Board's previous announcements, we will continue to
provide updates on the next steps.

Thank you,


Heather Leson
HOT Board of Directors, President
heatherleson at gmail.com
Twitter: HeatherLeson
Blog: textontechs.com
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