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Ragi Burhum ragi at burhum.com
Mon Aug 3 19:12:07 UTC 2015

Hello Ahasan and Russel,

Both of you recommended that I speak with the folks at OpenMapKit and it
just happens that Nicholas was the very first person to reply :) We are
going to have a short chat and hopefully there are ways that we can
collaborate together (I can think of quite a few!).

Since I've had a few similar questions off list, let me answer them here in
one thread:

In looking through the Android app, I am seeing a map with an interesting
> spherical projection with a PNG base map.

The raster based tiles are rendered using Mapserver out of OSM data in
4326. Here is some code that shows the raster image data of those tiles:
http://plnkr.co/edit/xwE2DbsdRPx48Y3QK4Bw?p=preview I styled them myself
based on some mapserver samples :)

What map rendering library are you using? I haven’t seen this before.
> Looking at your iOS app, the UI is very similar, and so is the underlying
> map renderer. Esri?

That is the AmigoCloud renderer. It does vectors and rasters and is fully
GPU accelerated OpenGL

Are these all features you included in your mail support offline ?

Yes, all these features are supported while offline.

Have you tested this app for doing any mapping ?

Yes! We have State Agencies, private environmental consulting firms and
transportation authorities using this every day.

Thank you all and I hope some of this work will help HOT in the near future.

- Ragi

On Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 7:46 AM, Ahasanul Hoque <hoque.ahasan at gmail.com>

> Dear Ragi,
> I just saw the list of feature included in your app, It gonna be a great
> app. We have used ODK before and recently OpenMapKit developed by American
> Red Cross which are also good offline data collection app.
> https://github.com/AmericanRedCross/OpenMapKit . Are these all features
> you included in your mail support offline ? Have you tested this app for
> doing any mapping ?
> Thanks for you great effort. Keep the good work up.
> Best regards
> Ahasan
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> On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 1:47 AM, Ragi Burhum <ragi at burhum.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I wanted to reach our and first say *thank you* for all the work done by
>> the HOT team. I am one of those fans that lurks around and tells people
>> about OSM, but usually stays away from the mailing lists.
>> Additionally, my team at AmigoCloud and myself have been doing a lot of
>> work around mobile offline data collection. Personally, I have been writing
>> code for this (proprietary) mobile offline data collection tool for about
>> 5+ years. Although I believe the application would be extremely useful for
>> doing offline data capture during disasters, the app is proprietary. A lot
>> of the components that we use are from Open Source projects we contribute
>> to, yet we still have components that are proprietary within our
>> application.
>> I want to change that.
>> For the past few months, the team has been working to move proprietary
>> components out and replacing them with Open Source equivalents. The goal is
>> to create a mobile offline data collection library that can be used by
>> others build offline data collection applications that are truly cross
>> platform. It is our way to saying thank you to the different communities
>> that have enabled us to build a business around them.
>> The following video shows how the current incarnation of the proprietary
>> application: http://bit.ly/amigomobile60s
>> Features include:
>> - Point/Line/Polygon/Multi* data collection
>> - Works offline in vector and raster format
>> - Tiles rendered from OSM data
>> - WMS support
>> - Automatically syncing of deltas
>> - Automatic Syncing of forms
>> - Automatic Syncing of styling
>> - Automatic conflict reconciliation
>> - Automatic online/offline detection
>> - Elevation Support
>> - 3D Visualization system with Native Platform that supports GPU rendering
>> - Customizations of forms through HTML and JS
>> - Cross platform (iOS / Android / Windows / Linux / OSX)
>> - On device Vector based styling
>> - ESRI Support (relationship classes, domains, etc)
>> - GDAL support
>> The goal has always been to reduce long workflows that are encountered by
>> other projects/solutions. In my personal opinion, the time it takes to put
>> data *into* the mobile device and to get it *out* and syncing with the rest
>> of the data is usually unnecessarily long.
>> Would there be any interest from anyone in this list to using/customizing
>> this for a HOT use case? What would you like to see from a fully open
>> source offline mobile data collection platform?
>> Thank you again for all the great work both during and before/after
>> disasters happen.
>> - Ragi
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