[HOT] HOT Board Minutes - July 2015

Jorieke Vyncke jorieke.vyncke at hotosm.org
Wed Aug 5 15:26:43 UTC 2015

Hello everybody,

The minutes of our board meeting are in the drive:

The topics we discussed:
- the hire of our new director. The application period is closed now and
the selection procedure is starting.
- the fundraising and partnership document we started last board meeting.
We welcome our membership soon to give input on this.
- the HOT activation protocal is ready! Our biggest concratulations towards
Russell and the whole community. After a last review of the board members
by next friday, we should be able to give our final approval.
- the use of a new template for our board meeting minutes. This we would
like to see discussed further in the governance working group. (new
participants are always welcome in this working group!)
- HOT and his working groups, will we finally find a board responsible for
each working group?

For remarks or other ideas please get in touch!

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