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Tom Taylor tom.taylor.stds at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 14:12:54 UTC 2015

I don't think I saw a reply to this.

LearnOSM <learnosm.org> is our intended primary teaching resource. We 
are in the process of improving it and making sure it is all up to date.

Tom Taylor

On 14/08/2015 11:51 PM, Mapa Nauta wrote:
> Hi to all
> My name is Miriam Gonzalez (@Mapanauta) I am based in Mexico and I am
> part of the Mexican community organizing the promotion of the
> OpenStreetMap project and coordinating mapping parties and mapping
> workshops. I am planning to get more involved in the HOT project and
> also being able to get a group of mappers in Mexico ready when it is
> needed.
> I would like to know if there are any material that you can recommend
> (websites, videos or anything that could help) to help enhance the
> knowledge and Hot participation in Mexico. The materials could be in
> English, Spanish or French.
> Thanks in advance for your support.
> M
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