[HOT] Ushahidi Version 3.0 is here!

Angela Oduor Lungati angela.oduor at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 10:20:58 UTC 2015

Hello friends,
Apologies for cross posting, but I just wanted to share some exciting news from Ushahidi with you. We launched our open source code base for Ushahidi v3.0 on 19th August, 2015.
Download it here! <https://github.com/ushahidi/platform/releases/download/v3.0.0/Ushahidi-Platform-v3.0.0.tar.gz>
What’s new in Ushahidi v3?
Updated our user interface and design by adding in dynamic headers, sidebar navigation and having only one admin menu.
 Expanded visualizations beyond maps to a timeline and a bar chart, with more visualizations coming soon.
Enhanced data management with Workflows, Saved Searches and Collections.  Users can assign workflows into incoming posts, as well as create, save and share dynamic filters
Improved our development stack with a modern PHP Stack, User interface client and robust API

For more details, have a look at our blog post announcement <http://www.ushahidi.com/blog/2015/08/19/ushahidi-version-3-0-is-here>. If you’ve been following our beta releases, and would like to see a list of recent changes specific to this release, have a look at our changelog here <https://github.com/ushahidi/platform/releases/tag/v3.0.0>.
What’s coming up next?
We’ve got advanced visualizations platforms, custom permissions, more map layers, native mobile apps and more data management coming in subsequent releases this year. We’re also working on creating a migration path for V2 users to bring their data into the updated platform, and will be able to share this for testing within the coming weeks!
We’re in the process of building out v3 documentation <http://docs.ushahidi.org/> extensively, and will keep sharing updates and progress on toolkit documentation and user manuals as well.

Ushahidi in the Cloud!
A cloud-hosted version of Ushahidi is coming in a few weeks! Throughout September, we will be releasing new tiers of the cloud-hosted version of the Ushahidi platform, including both free and paid tiers to suit our different users.  See our blog posts on the cloud version launch coming soon <http://www.ushahidi.com/blog/2015/08/19/coming-soon-cloud>, and the reason why we’re calling it Ushahidi, and not Crowdmap <http://www.ushahidi.com/blog/2015/08/19/why-is-it-called-ushahidi-and-not-crowdmap>.

You can sign up for early access and testing of the cloud version here! <http://ushahidi.com/>
Take v3 out for a spin!
Check out our demo site <http://demo.platform.ushahidi.com/> and share your feedback (bugs, feature requests, opinions, questions) via our GitHub issues page <https://github.com/ushahidi/platform/issues>!

If you have any questions, please do feel free to reach out to me via angela AT ushahidi DOT com, or contact us via IRC/Hipchat/Gitter(posting on any one of these channels displays them on all three simultaneously.)
Thanks for your continued support :).

Angela Oduor Lungati

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