[HOT] Disaster Mapping Program Overall - nearly complete

Russell Deffner russell.deffner at hotosm.org
Fri Aug 21 20:35:13 UTC 2015

Hi John, comments in-line…


Comment we are dealing with volunteers "This course is required training for" is a little heavy handed.  Perhaps before taking this role on we request that you complete the following course or something a little softer.

You're after their cooperation after all.

Sure, thanks for the suggestion – yes, lots of rewording will happen over the next month.

Expectations, well 

An overall status of the mapping progress
needs to be maintained. This can be
achieved with a table on the wikipage. As
news fades from the headlines, it may be
necessary to make clear and direct asks of
the community or for assistance mapping
within specific Tasking Manager projects

yes but what is our success rate in completing and archiving projects say within twelve months?  I don't honestly think we have the resources to do this.

I’ll give you my ‘standard’ response when it comes to successful Tasking Manager projects – it is much higher when there is a ‘champion’ making clear asks, hence why we need to train people to understand that it isn’t about bothering people by sending too many emails – it’s about having a comprehensive plan to actually take an Activation from start to finish.



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