[HOT] HOT Mailing list thread: Follow up on Academic Research Discussion from the HOT Summit

Turk, Catherine cate.turk at fau.de
Sat Aug 22 03:06:58 UTC 2015


I'm grateful for the initial thoughts and guidelines for researchers interacting with HOT. It has prompted me to do what I have been meaning to do for a while and send a mail signaling my general research interest in HOT's work.

I'm a geography researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nuremburg in Germany, focusing on how new spatial media changes the way people interact and exchange (geographic) information, particularly how they handle crises.

I've been interested in the work of HOT for some time and have been a not so active mapper but a keen reader of the HOT email list. At conferences/UN meetings I have been fortunate to meet and speak with some of the HOT and OSM board members.

In the coming year I am eager to learn more about how the HOT activation process works, in particular how it ties in with other humanitarian organisations and other forms of crisis mapping.
I welcome contact from HOT contributors who have thoughts about how the activation process is working / has worked in the past. As an initial focus I am comparing different mapping responses to Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda (which passed through the Philippines and neighbouring countries in 2013). For those interested in being involved in my research, I welcome contact and can send on a few questions about motivations for participating and feedback on mapping contributions made. 
I am also keen to hear any reflections members may have on the development and progress of the 'missing maps' project. 

Drawing on the research topics indicated in this thread and the attached doc, I can see how my research relates to some of things HOT is interested in reflecting on/ researching further. Specifically:

' - Policy recommendations: “lessons learned” for gov agencies
 - Compare HOT with other open source projects. How have we evolved? what is different? How has HOT influenced the whole OSM project?
 - HOT as a Digital Humanitarian project. Leading up to the World Humanitarian Summit, How has HOT contribution changed since Haiti and how might HOT learn from the consultations?'

I look forward to discussing the evolution of HOT with anyone who would like to share their perspectives and indeed to sharing my results/publications with the group.

Cheers and happy mapping,

Cate Turk

cate.turk at fau.de

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   8. Follow up on Academic Research Discussion from the HOT Summit
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Hi everyone,

A few of us organized a group discussion at the HOT Summit back in April on
partnerships with academic researchers.  Everyone in the session seemed to
agree that research on HOTs activities has the potential to be beneficial
and should be encouraged but that there needed to be a clearer statement
from HOT both inviting that research as well as setting some ground-rules
for how we would like to be approached, interacted with, and some of the
research topics we thought would be valuable.

Based on that session, we have drafted a short note here:

and sketched a few initial ideas on what we think would be interesting to
partner with academics on:

I think the goal, if there are no major objections, would be to get some
input from the HOT community on both of these documents and then move them
to wiki page where they could live as resources to point researchers to
when they reach out to us.

Please feel free to make any suggestions to the documents, follow up with
me here, or send me an email offline - whichever you prefer.


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