[HOT] Locations of Artisinal Mining Sites in the DRC?

Ray Kiddy ray at ganymede.org
Mon Aug 24 04:02:06 UTC 2015

I was reading a report on conflict minerals.


It pointed to an USAID document about mining in the Great Lakes region
of Africa.


This contained the following statement about mining sites in the DRC:


    140 artisanal mine sites have been validated as free
    from child labor and illegal taxation.

Whenever I see statements like this, I always wonder about them. For
example, where are these 140 sites? How are these sites identified? It
sounds as though they went through a list of the sites, or that such a
list of sites exists. And it sounds as though they marked the sites
"yes" or "no". Where is that list? If that list did not exist before,
they would at least have to have a list of the 140 sites now. They
certainly do not seem to be publishing that or any other list. They are
just waving the number "140" around.

So, does anyone have any idea how one would find the locations of any
of these sites, the compliant or non-compliant sites?

I submitted the question to the USAID web site, but I think the site
swallowed the question. I entered the question and hit the submit
button and it gave me the blank form again. Which seems wrong. And I
have not heard from them.

So, any ideas or suggestions?

thanx - ray

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