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Suzan Reed suzan at suzanreed.com
Mon Aug 24 19:41:17 UTC 2015

Are you referring to one time mappers or any who map? The following refers to both: 

I often work on a tile and don’t have enough time to finish, know there’s more that needs to be done, or ask for a review by another mapper, so I don’t mark it Done. When there are a lot of buildings I don’t do the tile all in one sitting. There are many reasons for checking out a tile and not finishing it. I also leave a Comment describing my work and what more needs doing. It’s helpful to scroll through the list of contributors to one tile to see how many have worked on it and to read other’s comments. Encouraging Comments would be good. 

The “lock” “unlock” function is not intuitive. “Check out” and “check in” would be easier to understand. 


On Aug 24, 2015, at 6:37 AM, Martin Dittus <martin at dekstop.de> wrote:

> On 24 Aug 2015, at 11:22, john whelan <jwhelan0112 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd also like to see a third option on the tasking manger "I've done some work but not completed the tile could someone review it please."  I'd rather catch errors early and some new mappers may not feel confident enough to mark a tile complete.

Considering better workflows for “incomplete” submissions is well worthwhile. This week I found that about half of all HOT contributors never mark their first task as “done” although they contributed edits to the map. 

I’ve written it up here, with stats and a brief discussion:

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