[HOT] built-up areas

Daniel Specht danspecht at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 23:53:27 UTC 2015

A lot of work is going into creating built-up areas, but the results are
inconsistent.  People do good work, but there is no standard method.

Once buildings have been mapped (example: much of the Nepal project #1018)
built-up areas don't need to be done by hand. I used an automated tool to
generate built-up areas from as small area in Nepal, and the results are at

The polygons generated by the tool are more consistent, and have a higher
density of buildings than those drawn by hand.

The tool, which is part of ESRI ArcGIS Advanced, (i.e. ArcInfo), allows the
user to decide the minimum number of buildings per area, and the maximum
distance between buildings.

If there is a large area with buildings mapped, someone with that tool or a
similar tool could generate built-up areas for that entire area. This would
also be good for updating built-up areas after new housing was built. I'd
be happy do do some of this work.

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