[HOT] request for mapping buildings in Malawi flood plan with focus on two areas

Information Manager Shelter Cluster Malawi im.malawi at sheltercluster.org
Tue Feb 3 04:16:20 UTC 2015


We are currently working on providing shelter to people affected by the 
floods in January. We are still badly in need of an overall damage 
assessment, because a big part of the area is inaccessible. We have 
currently pretty ok building data for the lower shire (Nsanje and 
Chikwhawa districts), both due to mapping of the department of surveys, 
and the HOT OSM task for that area. Current priorities therefore are the 
districts of  Phalombe, Mulanje, Zomba and Blantyre City (in order of 
priority). And especially those buildings that are within the flood plane.

Please see here a map of the flood plane, to prioritize the effort. It 
is a rough map, but at least it will show you what areas to focus on.

There is already a task for this on OSM.

As soon as we have the buildings in these areas properly mapped, we will 
overlay them with new flood plane layers and count the number of 
buildings inundated. As we are still in the emergency phase, an 
upscaling of effort would be really welcome.

Thank you for those helping out,


Maarten van der Veen
Shelter Cluster Support - Information manager
Malawi Floods 2015
Malawi Red Cross Society, Lilongwe
E: im.malawi at sheltercluster.org
M: +265 997 314 918
Skype: maartenvanderveen

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