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Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri Feb 13 05:51:42 UTC 2015

On 2/12/2015 10:00 AM, Russell Deffner wrote:
> I know Paul is a freshman OSMF Board Member, but I hope he knows that 
> HOT (US Inc) has been actively engaged and willing to participate in 
> such documentation/agreement as the Local (and Thematic) Chapter 
> Agreements, Corporate Partnerships, etc.
I was not writing in my role as a board member but in a personal capacity.
> The most current information that I could find was from the August 
> 2014 OSMF Board Meeting Minutes which said in regards to the LCA, and 
> I quote:
> β€œThe plan is to move that agreement to the OSMF web site and add small 
> FAQ, then invite larger existing chapters to enter negotiations. Short 
> list right now: Italy, France, Japan, US, HOT plus probably a few others.”
As a secretary I am handling local chapter applications. The current 
status of LC applications is that I have put out a couple of small 
public calls for interested organizations to apply to become chapters, 
but have not yet reached out to others as I'd prefer to keep the number 
of applicants at one time to a manageable number.
> The use of trademarks is allowed under the LCA – which according to 
> that last documented statement of the OSMF, HOT is recognized and in 
> negotiation.
HOT US Inc has not applied to become a chapter and are not in 
negotiation. Being recognized as a chapter would occur after the 
application is completed and accepted, which would be longer.

If HOT US Inc or anyone else is interested in becoming a local chapter, 
the information to start the process is at 

> It actually seems to be more of a problem for non-registered entities 
> to use OSM trademarks because the LCA requires the chapter to submit 
> articles of incorporation and bylaws. Unfortunately in the US – 
> not-for-profit or non-profit organizations _are_ companies, basically 
> there is no incorporated entity that is not technically a company 
> under US law.
The question of a trademark policy has been referred to the WGs, but it 
could allow use by non-registered entities

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