[HOT] Validation

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 23:55:45 UTC 2015

Mapping in Africa from satellite images I find I'm adding perhaps half a
dozen settlements when I validate, they're quite quick and easy to do.
Some are huts and are not quite so easy to spot.

Question at what point should I invalidate?  The question arises when
perhaps I've added a dozen settlements and half a dozen highways, I'm
fairly experienced so fairly comfortable the work is OK after I've added in
the validation but there is the question that I've added a dozen
settlements and no one else will be validating.

I'm looking more for pragmatic answers more than anything else, there is a
concern that if I invalidate a tile it may demotivate a mapper and at the
moment we have a lot of tiles to map.


Cheerio John
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