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Tue Feb 17 08:35:24 UTC 2015

[continued... sorry for the previous post without meaningful content]

> If some people want a deeper dive into Tasking Manager, here are a few
> pointers to the GitHub repository for improvements and bug tracking system.

"Blake Girardot" <bgirardot at gmail.com> wrote:
> There are probably some programmatic things to improve the situation that
could be done:
> 1. Dialog box on marking "Done" that asks "Are you sure you have mapped
everything in the 'Entities to map' field?"

Related in GitHub: add a popup/checklist of items to map and items to review

This issue is open for comments and suggestions.

> I tend to almost never invalidate a square unless it is obvious that
someone clicked "done" thinking that meant they were just "done" looking at

Related in Github: my long proposal to modify labels ("Done" is misleading,
"Invalidate" is unpleasant), add a 2-click process to mark (checkbox and
button) and hide invalidated status from the GUI for normal users (+ more
proposals for wording, colors, icons...)

mockup https://moqups.com/althio.forum@gmail.com/3LXQtQ9I
This issue is open for comments and suggestions.

This is to be discussed but I think "invalidate" could be hidden on the map
or changed to something more neutral like "re-open".

Vao Matua <vaomatua at gmail.com> wrote:
> A suggestion for the HOT Tasking Manager Stats page would be to add the
number of tiles an individual mapper Validates.

See this report from Nick:
and a previous one about contributing without marking as done
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