[HOT] HOT Summit 2015 - Scholarship Program Announcement

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 16:38:54 UTC 2015

Greetings everyone!

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is hosting a 3 day "HOT Summit 2015" 
event in Washington D.C. April 30th to May 2nd 2015. It will be a chance 
for volunteer mappers, educators, community builders, humanitarians, 
geographers, programmers and other folks interested in humanitarian 
mapping from around the world come together to share knowledge, 
fellowship and generate new ideas.


The full program of speakers and break out sessions is yet to be 
finalized and announced, but just as important as the program itself is 
who is going to attend as participants.

HOT's donors and supporters are offering a number of full and partial 
scholarships to help make attendance accessible to as many people as 
possible. These scholarships will cover or help defray costs for travel, 
lodging and attendance fees and are open to anyone who would like to 
come but is not able to due to the costs associated with attending the 

We would like to especially encourage people from outside the United 
States to attend, we want you at the HOT Summit! We are an international 
organization and the diversity of our community is one of our strengths. 
We can not be as effective as we would like without our international 
community members attending events like this. We need you! If costs are 
the only thing stopping you from attending we want to encourage you to 
apply for scholarship funding for part or all of your costs.

Scholarship applications can be submitted here:

If you have any interest in attending from outside the United States 
please get in touch with us right away. We understand the idea and 
mechanics of traveling can be somewhat challenging, but we are here to 
help and you are not on your own to figure out how to get here for the 
Summit. Whether you would like to apply for scholarship support or not, 
please contact us and let us know you would like to attend.

For international visitors the first step is to learn about the entry 
process for the US.

If you are from any of the 38 countries listed here:


You will not need to apply for a visa, but instead follow the ESTA 
process. Visitors from any other countries can find out more about the 
visa process here:

(You probably want a "B" Visa for "visitors")

Any questions? Just ask. Please.

We are really looking forward to seeing you at the HOT Summit!

Volunteer mapper & HOT Summit 2015 Helper

PS: Please forward this email to any other OSM email lists or groups you 
think is appropriate, especially local groups. It would be great if you 
could add some words of introduction or comment in the local language or 
translate any part of this email.

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