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Dale Kunce dale.kunce at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 02:22:44 UTC 2015

Dear HOT,

We need volunteers to work on an exciting new Red Cross community mapping
and mobilization project in Canaan, Haiti.

The American Red Cross is supporting the Haitian Red Cross to expand their
community based disaster response and health efforts into new communities
in the northern metropolitan Port au Prince area. The communities outlined
are at significant exposure to seasonal and acute flooding risks and they
lack access to basic health services, disaster preparedness plans and
disaster response plans. Haitian Red Cross plans to expand their local
volunteer network into these communities in 2015; they will train community
members in first aid, emergency response and evacuation, as well as link
them to healthcare services. Updated maps will support Haitian Red Cross to
identify safe emergency shelter sites as well as to prepare emergency
evacuations routes that reflect population centers and road network
capacity. Furthermore, updated maps will help Haitian Red Cross to identify
particularly vulnerable families and plan ways to improve access to them.

Our plan is simple, remotely map the community and then supplement work
done by remote volunteers with local knowledge and field surveys using
OpenMapKit. We have set up two task that cover the Canaan and St. Christop
areas of interest to start the work.


There are existing efforts through OSM to assist the people of Canaan
through great work using UAVs to provide aerial imagery and assess flood
risk. In addition, the Red Cross recently started using Mapillary
improve our understanding of the area. After the remote work is completed
we will use the soon to be released OpenMapKit to conduct a full field
survey and household census of the area.

I personally encourage you to donate your skills by helping these
vulnerable communities get mapped.  We are recruiting both remote and local
volunteers to help map the community. If you are able to assist us please
contact me directly at dale.kunce at redcross.org.

Thank you,

Dale Kunce
Senior Geospatial Engineer
American Red Cross
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