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Thu Feb 19 15:27:38 UTC 2015

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As Pierre has noted we map what is on the ground, not what how we
think it should be mapped.  If there is a common area then we tag it
as such, if there is not then we should not 'invent' one that is close
by simply for the purpose of having one.

It is important to note, the reason I asked to have these mapped is
that they _might_ be used as helipads, not that they must be.  As Mark
noted, the criteria for what is an acceptable landing site is
something only a pilot can decide, and even then only for a specific
helicopter and specific load.  All we can do is tell them reasonable
places to start looking, but it is for them to decide if any of the
areas we marked are acceptable.  I expect that they would try to
review the area in imagery anyway or have someone confirm it on the
ground before dispatching a helicopter there.  Our data is not the
final word, just something so that they have a starting place.

As to the round areas, I have noticed several mappers doing this.  Not
sure if it is a newbie thing or what, but the area should not be
mapped as round unless it is actually round.  Otherwise we should be
mapping the proper shape.

- -AndrewBuck

On 02/19/2015 08:16 AM, john whelan wrote:
> So the advice back to the mapper?
> My opinion would be if its readily identifiable as landuse=common
> then map it, but refrain from arbitrarily adding a circle tagged
> landuse=common close to each small village perhaps?
> Personally when I'm mapping if something like this stands out then
> it gets mapped but its quite rare that I spot one.
> Thanks
> Cheerio John
> On 19 February 2015 at 08:59, Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr>
> wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> Our role is to grab information, facilitate the logistic of the 
>> humanitarian organizations.
>> But we are not specialists. Once we have identified the common
>> leisures, the GIS specialists from the international
>> organizations can easily extract this info and examine further.
>> Pierre
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>> Project 892 task 23 is an example.  The following question got
>> sent to me probably because I've been validating merrily away.
>>> What is the minimum diameter for a Helipad (leisure=common)?
>> Based on my own experience of visiting a remote Scottish Island
>> the local football pitch, being smooth, level and firm enough was
>> the designated helicopter landing place.
>> I'm not sure that you can tell enough from satellite imagery that
>> a certain bit of ground is smooth, level and firm enough to take
>> the weight of a helicopter.  However we seem to have a fair
>> number of circular leisure=common areas tagged near fairly small
>> villages.
>> So can we flesh out a bit more of the requirements please and
>> better identify what we should be looking for and mapping.
>> Thanks John
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